The problem with grey hair is that exposure to sunlight and oxidation turns it to a dingy yellow. Some areas look worse than others (the top and front), leaving your hair uneven and unsightly. Now you can do something about it! Wash ’N Tint Shampoo washes away dull-looking yellow tones, while shampooing-in flattering, lustrous silver highlights. At once, your hair looks thicker, cleaner, conditioned and alive with shine and brightness. Wash ‘N Tint silver highlights are temporary and can be washed out immediately with regular shampoo (but why would you want to?). To maintain sparkle and brightness at maximum intensity, just shampoo regularly with Wash ‘N Tint. It contains no peroxide or ammonia and will not stain hands or scalp. Wash ‘N Tint Silver Shampoo is safe and gentle for all hair types including permed or color-treated hair. You’ll love the way it looks on you!